Windhorse Incense

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Tibetische Räucherstäbchen

Inhalt ca. 30 Stück mit einer Länge von 20cm

Folgendes steht auf der Verpackung:
Windhorse incense sticks are especially rich in Himalayan floral incense materials like Rhododendron, Saffron, Sandalwood (red&white), Nagi, cloves, nutmeg, cardamoms and Artemisia from Tibet. The warm and pleasing scent of this prayer incense creates a loving and joyful atmosphere. Generally Tibetan incense is used for puja offering and purification.
Windhorse incense is high quality Tibetan hand rolled stick. It´s made with fwenty five herbal ingredients in accordance with ancient scriptures under the instructions of Dr. Pasang Yonten. The rare herbs used are grown naturally in the Himalayas. They are carefully collected to protect the environment and shade dried to preserve their dcent and quality. The incense sticks are entirely natural and are devoid of any synthetic substance.


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